Welcome to Terraway

Welcome to TerraWay® by GreenWorld Products Ltd. This permeable pavement system was developed to fit in the decentral rainwater management as an unsealed pavement.

Privatkunde aus Sembach

The TerraWay® road building system has been specially developed for the production of a low-binder-content, but high-strength, highly porous, air and water permeable surface for roads and pathways with low traffic loads.

The TerraWay® - System provides a paving system that is permeable with a hard wearing surface and a load bearing capacity within the design parameters used for a specific project. It is ecologically friendly, because water can infiltrate and evaporate, it also allows for small animal mobility and further allows air and water access to tree and plant roots as well as providing other ecological advantages. The TerraWay® - System is also a high quality product that can be designed in a free form manner and can utilize many types of suitable available natural and desirable aggregate resources.




Sales worldwide

Our style of working is with long term business partners in each country. Therefore we search in every country for one exclusive Area Partner who is then responsible for TerraWay® in his or her country. 

This method of working allows for us to guarantee a constant and solid information exchange to improve the quality of TerraWay®. Also we meet every partner regularly to ensure the quality of our system. 

We also make sure that our partners have educated workers for their country to be able to provide customers with best possible service when offering TerraWay®.