Custom Applications

Asides from the three broad categories of application, TerraWay® has been used in many custom solutions for client projects. Each custom solution is based on the close cooperation with planners and owners. This chapter will show some of this unique applications.


The permeable TerraWay® surface offers many new and interesting design options for creation of water fountains and other water features. Planning such solutions is challenging as the area below the surface is hollow and the surface layer needs to harden in situ. To address this conundrum a metal structure below is used and a fine graded, permeable metal mesh is placed on it. This mesh will hold the surface layer in place during the hardening process and will work as a reinforcement when the surface is impacted.


The tread surfaces of outside stairs are a common area where custom solutions need to be found, as their integration into the general visual effect for continuity reasons is very desirable. Technically this is relatively easily achieved, as the only constrain is to ensure a proper drainage of the tread surfaces.

Eaves strip

The TerraWay® System offers additional advantages for plinth protections. The system can be flexibly installed like common stone and gravel fills, yet it offers a strong surface and thus reducing the maintenance requirements.

Shore Areas on small rivers

The shore areas of small rivers are yet another area of application popular with the TerraWay® system. Its strong surface offers protection against erosion, its neutrality to the environment ensures a very limited footprint and its design possibilities improve the appeal of such areas.

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