Standard Application: On permeable base

The flexibility in Design in particular and its properties in general allow for a wide range of applications for the TerraWay® System. Its standard application is on a permeable base in areas with light traffic, such as pathways and public spaces.

The TerraWay® - System provides a paving system that is permeable with a hard-wearing surface and a load bearing capacity within the design parameters used for a specific project. It is ecologically friendly, because water can infiltrate and evaporate, it also allows for invertebrates’ mobility and further allows air and water access to tree and plant roots as well as providing other ecological advantages.

During the planning phase of any given project, particular attention has to be paid to the certain aspects of the composition, such as base layer, permeability and water flows, and the geographical properties of a given project site. We are always happy to assist any planning phase with our vast experience and know-how.

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