Installation: The steps to create a TerraWay® surface layer

The installation of TerraWay® surfaces may only be carried out by sufficiently qualified specialized Partner companies. For standard application the following steps are taken:

Step 1: Production and compaction of substructure

Our established substructure consisting of fine grade free gravel is installed on top of a frost-safe and sufficiently load-bearing base course, in accordance with local road-building regulations. This substructure serves as an infiltration buffer and retention area for rainwater.

Step 2: The mixture

The aggregates are mixed with our Binder System within special mixing machines. One significant advantage of our Binder Systems: We can work with a reasonable moisture content in the aggregate!

Step 3: Installation of the surface layer

The fresh and workable mixture is spread on the substructure and precisely levelled. In general edging systems are used to secure the fringes of the surface layer. Finally, the surface is being power floated to create the desired area appearance and impressively smooth surface.

Step 4: Post-processing

Unless pre-installed profiles were agreed upon, the joints need to be cut after the initial hardening period. If profiles were in fact agreed on, aluminium made T-profiles will be placed every 5 metres during the installation process. Both versions of joints will prevent wild cracks from appearing.

As soon as 24 hours after installation the surface can be walked on and after 7 days is fully set fit for the intended duties.

If you want more detailed information about the TerraWay®, please contact us