// TerraWay has diverse fields of application

    - Sidewalks, cycle paths and hiking trails
    - Playing areas in schoolyards or kindergartens

    - Terraces, parking or parking
    - In outdoor areas of swimming pools or spas
    - Access roads and walkways in hospitals, sanatoriums and nursing homes

    Fields of applications


    // TerraWay has many good properties

    - Water and air permeable
    - Ecologically friendly: LAGA Z0
    - Non-toxic, no leaching of fine particles
    - Noise and surface dust reduction
    - Strong wearing surface with a min. compressive strength of 10 N/mm²
    - ...

    Product Information

// Welcome to TerraWay

Welcome to TerraWay® by GreenWorld Products Ltd. This permeable path and road surfacing system has been specially developed for the production of a low-binder-content, but high-strength, highly porous, air and water permeable surface for roads and pathways with low traffic loads.
Through its high permeability TerraWay® uses the known advantages of decentral rainwater management while still offering the benefits of classical hard wearing and sealed surfaces.



The TerraWay® - System provides a paving system that is permeable with a hard wearing surface and a load bearing capacity within the design parameters used for a specific project. It is ecologically friendly, because water can infiltrate and evaporate, it also allows for small animal mobility and further allows air and water access to tree and plant roots as well as providing other ecological advantages. The TerraWay® - System is also a high quality product that can be designed to be installed in a free form manner...

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// Fields of applications

Swimming Pools and Spas

TerraWay® is ideal for areas surrounding swimming pools and spas. In particular, the slip resistance of the surface increases the safety of bathers. At the same time, TerraWay® is sound reducing and provides a comfortable walking experience for both barefoot and shoe wearing users.

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Sidewalks, cycle paths and hiking trails

TerraWay® surfacing makes sense for sidewalks, cycle paths and hiking trails. Due to the water permeability, the ground is not sealed, but the water can flow unhindered into the ground. In addition, there are no surface puddles that could make walking an obstacle course.

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Play areas in schoolyards or kindergartens

The best for our children. TerraWay® is ideal for schoolyards and kindergartens. The advantages: A clean, walkable and playable surface that is at the same time permeable to water and air, groundwater neutral and sound-absorbent, has low rolling resistance and is non-slip.

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// References

Let yourself be inspired by the many possibilities of TerraWay®. On the following pages we present our references for the following fields of applications:
•    Pathways
•    Cycle ways
•    Schoolyards
•    Golfcourse: Bunker and ways
•    Car parking spaces
•    Roof terraces
•    On top of underground carparks
•    Ways for people with reduced mobility
•    Minigolf areas
•    Walkways around swimming pools
•    Driveways for cars
•    Tree root protections
•    Streetball areas
•    Play areas




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