This chapter contains technical details about the TerraWay® permeable paving solution and it’s many advantages.

Rate of permeability

TerraWay’s main attribute is its extremely high rate of permeability. Due to it’s high porous content, appropriate test methods are currently not available. The rate of permeability can be estimated in accordance with formula by Hazen, which puts the rate at min. kf = 1 x 10-2 m/s. This is based on stone fraction of 2-4 mm and resulting d10 (in accordance with German Norm TL Gestein-StB) of 1mm.

In the attempt of developing an appropriate test method for the TerraWay® System, we were able to verify this infiltration rates above 6,5 x 10-2 m/s.

Flexibility: Adapting a surface to your needs

Both in the planning and installation phase, the TerraWay® paving solution offers a great range of freedoms for design. Colour, Form, and layer composition can all easily be adapted to existing conditions of each project. The final decision on design issues can be amended until installation day.

Colours of Nature

The colour of the finished surface is mainly determined by the natural stone chosen as an aggregate for your project. We only use hard, non-calcaneus, and properly cleaned stones in the size of 2-5 or 3-6 mm, depending on availability. Our Partners generally keep commonly used materials in stock for supply chain and quality reasons. If other colours are required each Partner can tap the international network for stones with established experience base and acceptable appearance.

Variety in Binding Agents

With our different TerraWay® Binder Systems, each installation process can be optimally adjusted to existing climate conditions. While ensuring the best possible outcome for each surface, it also allows for an extended period of installation capacity to the benefit of our clients.

Flexibility in the technical composition

Not only the contents of each TerraWay® mixture show a great range of flexibility, also the technical composition can be adjusted to specific requirements. The permeable TerraWay® System provides a suitable solution not only for standard application, but also for more challenging situations like on structures (i.e., on roofs), with significant slopes, or increased load expectations. Our expert advisors will check for all requirements and help you design the optimal composition for your TerraWay® surface. Depending on existing conditions even the use of Drainage systems or pervious concrete might be considered.

Limitless Design Options

Any project is one of a kind. Planners in particular appreciate the freedoms TerraWay® offers in terms of design. The paving solution in produced on-site and can therefore be effortlessly adjusted in terms of its shape and size. Curving, Sloping, Colour-samples and crossovers can be produced straightforwardly. The only constraints are to the minimum width and depth.

Load-bearing and resistant surface

In practice TerraWay® has proven it’s long-term sustainability and load-bearing capacity and resistance. It is therefore easy to find laboratorial proof of it’s high degree of quality and durability.

Bending Tensile and compressive strengths

These most commonly used parameters to judge a materials durability and load-bearing capacity are certainly on the top of the list. In tune with this view, we can show repeatedly that the TerraWay® system exceeds a compressive strength of 10 N/mm² and a Bending Tensile strength of 5 N/mm².

Resistance to Frost

TerraWay® has been installed in many areas with long frost periods, such as Russia or Poland and has weathered these climatic challenges without issue. If the system is installed in accordance with adequate planning and by expert installation companies, frost damage does not occur. With an average split-off of just 0.23 M-% after 25 frost-thaw-cycles, TerraWay is well below the established German benchmark value for hydraulic construction stone in water exchange areas and thus easily meets the criteria for sufficient frost resistance.


Not only safe, but comfortable: The unique, highly porous structure of TerraWay® offers a range of advantages in regards of comfort towards the conventional paving solutions. Its high permeability avoids any accumulation on the surface, even during very high intensity rain-events, thus removing the dangers and discomforts of puddles and aquaplaning. Following you can find other properties that make life of TerraWay® users more comfortable:

Low Friction

The installation process of TerraWay® surface ensures s superbly smooth and even surface, with a very low friction. The power floating process ensures better results in comparison to a rolled or slabbed surface. Despite this low friction on the polymeric surface, its grip is sufficiently high to avoid the risk of slipping.

Sound absorption

Noise pollution is becoming a growing stress factor for humans in particular in urban areas. According to research carried out, the porous structure of TerraWay® reduces the noise level by α0 = 0,6, depending on the frequency. Compared to traditional, closed surface paving solutions with noise reduction levels of 0.03 to 0.05, this is a vast improvement for people in close proximity to a TerraWay® surface.

Low Maintenance

The smooth and even surface of the TerraWay® paving system allows very simple and easy maintenance using a regular brush or power hose with up to 80bars of pressure. Automated and manually operated snowploughs can be operated on the paving, provided they are equipped with a rubber protection on the shield. Even grit generally does not cause any damages to the surface.

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