Product Information

The TerraWay® System provides a series of ecological and economical advantages, through known effects of decentral rainwater management, given through its water permeablility.

Reasons for unsealed pavements

Sealing the ground through buildings and pavements has very severe impacts on several environmental components. For example on the climate (through less evaporation), the rivers and lakes (through more runoff on the surface, faster runoff than normal), the groundwater (less infiltration), the sewage system (more financial efforts required to collect and clean all the rainwater on sealed pavements) and plants/animals in such areas (destroying living space, sealed pavements heat up and prevent crossing for small animals).

  • Through a higher specific surface, TerraWay® stores more water after rain than can evaporate. Higher evaporation and therefore increased humidity has several positive effects on the local environment, amongst which are dust binding (Reduction of fine dust) and the reduction of the heat island effect
  • Given the infiltration rate of TerraWay® the surface runoff is reduced to a minimum and increases the infiltration and contributes to groundwater renewal
  • TerraWay® keeps rainwater out of the sewerage system, decreasing costs for maintenance etc
  • TerraWay® is good for trees and small animals in the ground, allowing them to get enough water and air, which results in a better living space

TerraWay® Properties

  • Strong wearing surface with a minimum compressive strength of 10 N/mm²
  • Permeable to water and air, with a permeability of 1800 liters per square meter per hour
  • Slip free surface (High Grip, R11), with low frictional resistance, comfortable walking
  • Ecologically friendly: LAGA Z0 (it can be installed without restrictions)
  • Non-toxic, no leaching of fine particles
  • Easy to service, easy to repair
  • Freeform Design and colouring depending on available suitable local material resources
  • Noise and surface dust reduction

TerraWay® Fields of applications

TerraWay® can be installed for nearly any application with light traffic. See the list below for a few examples:

  • Pathways
  • Cycle ways
  • Schoolyards
  • Golfcourse: Bunker and ways
  • Car parking spaces
  • Roof terraces
  • On top of underground carparks
  • Ways for people with reduced mobility
  • Minigolf areas
  • Walkways around swimming pools
  • Driveways for cars
  • Tree root protections
  • Streetball areas
  • Play areas

TerraWay® Maintenance

The Maintenance of the TerraWay® is very easy and simple. For regular maintenance, such as cleaning off dirt and snow, normal tools can be used. For example it can be cleaned with a normal brush or with a high pressure jet up to 80bars.

In winter it may be kept free from snow by a snowplow with a rubber protection. Additionally, it is resistant against de-icing salt. So the maintenance stays at a low level.

After a certain amount of years (depending on the wear and tear) we recommend refreshing the TerraWay® surface, this will be done by your local licensed TerraWay® Partner. Therefore it is cleaned with a special high pressure jet, the cracks are repaired and then the complete surface will be coated with a special binder to extend the lifetime of the system. This refreshing is a cheap way for your TerraWay® system to look like new after a few years, also it decreases the overall costs of the surface in total, through the low maintenance costs.

If you want more detailed information about the TerraWay® System, please contact us