Tree Quarters

Recent events such as heatwaves, extreme rains and flooding show how particularly exposed cities are to the effects of climate change. The most promising mitigation strategy is to use more green infrastructure. Trees, green-walls and green-roofs effectively counteract the heat island effect in urban areas, whilst significantly increasing the appeal of areas where they are applied.

Simple as the solution sounds, it is a challenging task to sustain appropriate living conditions for Trees within settlement areas as their exposure to air-pollution, and deprevation of Nutrients, water and growing-space impacts their vitality and long-term prospects. The TerraWay® systems improves the conditions for trees significantly. The permeable structure of the system improves the quality of the soil by allowing a sufficient supply of water and nutrients to reach even lower soil layers. Due to its favourable properties, the TerraWay® paving solution has been established in many projects as an alternative to conventional tree protections. Our system can be used for new and existing tree quarters.

For the use of TerraWay® in Tree quarters caution and detailed planning is necessary to prevent any negative effects for the plant in question. In particular at existing trees, works need to be carried out with the maximum of vigilance to avoid damage to roots or the tree trunk.

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