Circular economy

From first inspiration to recycling

We help you keep track of the complete life cycle of TerraWay®.

We aim to provide expert advice to all our clients for every stage of the life cycle of TerraWay® surfaces. To us the life cycle starts with the first inspirations and consultations very early in the planning stages up to the detailed planning of each specific project, continuing with actual installation and setting up a maintenance concept and equally part of our expertise is the possibilities for disposing and recycling the old surface at the end of its life cycle.


The cycle of materials closes

Eventually the TerraWay® surface may reach a point at which improvement works will achieve no meaningful result anymore, due to damage or progression of wear and tear beyond repair, so it might become necessary to dispose of the old surface. The TerraWay® System is certified for LAGA Z0, which is a German framework for the disposal and recyclability of construction products. This framework asks for an analysis of contents of both eluate and solid matter, with threshold values for a list of contaminants.

Our System has continuously met the highest specifications of this framework and therefore, has been deemed to have no harmful effects on the environment. Subsequently our System can be disposed of as regular waste and can be used without restrictions as a recycling material within roadbuilding or after appropriate thermal or mechanical treatment can be reused for new TerraWay® surfaces. This sustainable usage of recourses feeds into the circular economy and is in line with our overall goal of providing a sustainable paving solution to our clients and the environment.

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