The safety of people and environment is of the utmost priority for us. TerraWay® shows beneficial attributes in all areas of safety concerns.


In regards of safety the everyday usage is the most important safety aspect to be considered. To avoid accidents while walking or driving on a paved surface, paving solutions need to provide sufficient grip to prevent slipping. In-situ pendulum tests attest to a high degree of grip. In addition, laboratory tests in accordance to German standards, slip resistance value of R11 was determined, which is sufficient even for childcare facilities.

Fire Safety

TerraWay® is classed as non-combustible (A2fl). This classification was determined in a certified assessment in Austria, while also detecting no to very little smoke development during the test procedure, resulting in the classification S1. A german material testing institute also classified the TerraWay® system as sufficiently safe towards the risk of propagation to external fires with a rating of BROOF(t1). All in all these classification indicate a very high degree of Fire Safety for the permeable TerraWay® surface.


As the TerraWay® surface is based on epoxy resin Binders, which are hazardous in their raw form, the question about toxicity if of common concern and great interest. The commonly held opinion of professionals is that once a system has fully reacted it is inert and therefore completely safe for its environment. We were able to confirm this view in Laboratory tests, classifying our product with a fish toxicity value of GF2, reassuring that this solution is safe for nature and humans alike.

Freely accessible designs

Due to is flexible design options and high grip, ramps, wave tracks and much more can be easily produced in projects. And with inclusion becoming an ever more important topic in planning decisions, freely accessible designs can effortlessly be achieved with the TerraWay® surface.

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