A significant positive aspect of the TerraWay® System is it’s low maintenance requirements. It provides high resistances and load-bearing capacities while showing low sensitivity towards pollution. However, this permeable paving solution is not free from maintenance and this chapter provides detailed recommendations about considerations for maintaining your surface.


The complete structure needs to be designed and dimensioned with the strong consideration of the expected loads to the surface. It is important to ensure that the actual loads impacting the paving system do not exceed the basis for the planning process to avoid damages and ensure a long life cycle.

In particular the impact of high density loads such as support devices of bigger machinery or driving vehicles equipped with Polyamide, hard rubber or steel tyres should be avoided. If the application of such equipment should become necessary on the surface, it is important to use weight distributing measures. Machinery equipment with crawler tracks can dislocate and discolour the comparatively thin surface layer during the steering process and therefore should be avoided.

The TerraWay® system is highly permeable paving solution with the lower layers of the system structure being fully impacted by infiltrating rainwater. Due to the dynamic impacts to lower structural layers, heavy traffic loads can not be sustained on such a permeable surface. Additionally, heavy traffic will cause significant pollution from wear and tear on brakes and tires that would contaminate infiltrating rainwater and being imported into the water cycle. To the benefit of the environment and humans alike this must be avoided. If a desired project needs to be designed for heavy traffic, a different base structure including a drainage system with subsequent waste water treatment will need to be designed.

Regular maintenance

The regular maintenance for the TerraWay® surface system is relatively simple and effortless. Lose dirt like leaves and paper-packaging can be removed by using a brush or a sweeper, provided they are equipped with natural or plastic bristles. Metallic bristles can cause discolorations by wear of iron oxide.

More challenging dirt like sand, soil or food stains can be removed via a regular water hose or power hose (water temperature up to 50°C, max. 70 bar pressure, no rotating nozzles).

If there is staining on the surface that can not removed by these simple, physical maintenance techniques, we recommend the cleaning products specifically designed by our German Partner of the TerraClean-Series:

TerraClean multi: Suitable for the removal of limescale around swimming pools, showers, or water features

TerraClean aktiv pro: Removal of Fats, sun-protectors, food stains, or organic stains.

These products need to be applied in accordance with their manual. They should generally be applied with normal spraying unit, on days with less than 25°C temperature and covered skies. Using brushes or sweepers can increase the efficacy of the products. After sufficient application time the surface needs to be thoroughly washed with water to clear any remaining cleaning agents away. If other detergents are applied, we recommend to test them on a hidden spot before the full application.

To ensure the upkeep of the TerraWay® properties, we recommend a regular cleaning schedule using a high-pressure jet (water temperature up to 50°C, max. 70 bar pressure, no rotating nozzles). The intensity depends on location and usage, but generally every one to two years is advisable.

Particularly shadowy and moist surface areas of the porous paving structure are very susceptible to growth of Algae and Moss. TerraGreenProtect helps to keep such growth in check. A regular application annually or biannually reduces growth significantly, protecting the appearance and slip resistance of the TerraWay® surface.

Winter maintenance

In winter season snow cover can easily be removed with a manual or self-propelled snow plough, provided the shield in use is protected with a rubber or plastic lip. In case of ice cover the use of de-icing salts and other spreading materials can be used to, however we strongly recommend an immediate removal of such materials at the end of winter season or during frost brakes. If salts or grits remain on the surface for too long, they can cause discolorations or physical wear and tear.

Should spreading materials be used, we recommend to use fractions above the used aggregates in the surface layer to avoid clogging of the porous structure.

The use of salts around trees is not recommended as the salt reaching the roots can cause grave damage to the tree.


Larger scale repairs should always be performed by trained companies, but for smaller damages, we provide small repair-kits. These contain pre-matched amounts of Binder and aggregate from your project, allowing you to reliably mix a small quantity of TerraWay yourself and repair damages of up to 0.5 sqm of surface area at a depth of 3cm. Even if the damages are small, always obtain consultation with us to find the origin of the damage and allow for a most effective repair.

The repair itself is relatively easy to carry out. Carefully remove the old surface layer in the damaged area with a hammer, so that only intact stones remain and refill the hole with the mixed aggregate-Binder mixture. Even cracks can be filled with pure Binder.

Surface improvements

UV radiation, weather and physical impacts all take a toll on the surface over time. If left unchecked for too long, stones will loosen over the complete surface. To avoid such a crumbling effect, it may become necessary to perform surface improvements after 5-6 years, depending on location and impact loads. We are happy to help establish when such improvements become necessary.

During these surface improvements works the surface is professionally cleaned and if necessary damaged areas repaired. Afterwards a specifically developed Binder System is applied to the surface, without sealing the surface. This maintenance procedure helps to safe resources and is very sustainable as it can be repeated as needed and conserves the positive attributes of the permeable TerraWay® system, with its high permeability and durability. After such surface improvement works the surface will have a like-new appearance offering renewed joy to owners and users alike, while ensuring a nearly endless life cycle.

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