New concepts for city infrastructure

TerraWay offers breathing space for Humans and Nature alike

With increased challenges arising for cities from extreme weather to increasing user demands, City planners are looking evermore towards ecologically sustainable design options, such as green infrastructure and unsealed surfaces to achieve a sustainable city development including a more natural, decentralised rainwater-management. Equally companies and organisations use such ecologically sustainable design options to achieve higher attractiveness of their outdoor areas and better resource efficiency. These sustainable outdoor areas offer both a place of relaxation for employees and equip companies with green credentials in a time with an increasing focus on climate change.

Regardless of public or private ownership, to create spaces for respite and social interaction, squares and pathway remain necessary and should integrate smoothly into naturally designed area. At the same time paving solutions for such squares and pathways need to be in line with the economic and ecological requirements of the owners and fulfilling their original purpose of offering comfortable surfaces. The innovative TerraWay® paving system offers a wide range of design options that allow for the integration of such sustainable designs.

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